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On a partly cloudy day on the roof.  Temps can be tough on a crew. 


174.8° on the roof deck on a 78° day…. You can see the modules are much cooler with the venting space under them. 

Still not a cool temp environment. 

Nice new 40 kW

Coming online soon!
We have been so busy that the web has just not come to play due to time to use it. Hoping that will change some so we can show more people just how solar helps us all in reality…

We will endeavor to post some more data as the system is tested and making power….

New Year Growth

As an informative post; we are expecting a nice wave of growth in 2014. More on that to follow. But! It’s been confirmed by sources well beyond us that in California alone, more roof top solar was installed than in the prior 30 years combined.

You can see why we are working hard to make sure all we do is of the best quality and to support our customers well. This kind of growth will not only help us and you, the consumer. It will bring more unscrupulous people into the market that will need to be weeded out before they can damage clients and leave a path of problems to be solved.

If you are having a problem with such an operator. Please let us know and we will help you get them reported and your situation resolved.

Again! Happy New Year to All! And lets All do more about Solar to help ourselves and Our Planet and environment! Save Money and Earth at the Same Time! Be on Solar Power.

June Gloom

Good morning,

We’ve been asked about the lower production days in June that come as a result of the so called “June Gloom”

When we design your system and project it’s yearly output, many factors are used. One is the weather. Your zip code has a historic rating based on sunny days, over cast days, rain days and many weather factors, also hours the sun is up. This information is used in sizing your system and estimating production. Your system it site specific designed for your historic conditions.

Hope this helps answering your questions.